At Holy Spirit we aim for all students to be engaged in Music.  We believe that there are many benefits to Music Education including:

  • The intrinsic enjoyment of participating in music both individually and in the wider community
  • Neural development- the unique way that the brain is activated in playing music has proven cognitive outcomes which benefit all subject areas
  • Language development- active listening, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, rhyme, rhythms of speech
  • Physical development- fine motor and gross motor skills, coordination
  • Executive function-including skills such as memory, planning and problem solving
  • Social skills- including team work, inclusivity, emotional regulation, better mental health

Music Curriculum

Children at Holy Spirit participate in a weekly 30-minute Music class. Music knowledge and skills ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students:

  • develop the confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful and informed musicians
  • develop skills and techniques to actively listen, analyse, improvise, compose and perform music
  • interpret and apply the elements of music, engaging with a diverse array of musical experiences as performers and audience members
  • develop aesthetic appreciation and respect for their own and others’ music practices and traditions across different times, places, cultures and contexts.

Hymn singing

The whole school come together twice a term to prepare hymns for upcoming masses and liturgies.  These sessions also help build a sense of community within our school.  Students sing at class liturgies, whole school masses and other masses for special events such as St Dominic’s Day, Easter and Graduation.




Holy Spirit Choir

Children from years 4, 5 and 6 are invited to be part of the Holy Spirit Choir, which rehearses before school on Tuesday mornings. There are usually around 40 students who choose to join this non-auditioned choir. This choir is entered into the the Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges (CSPAF), where it has performed with distinction, receiving Certificates of Merit and Honourable Mentions every year since at least 2008!   We also participate in the One Big Voice Festival which involves approximately 7000 children from around the state coming together to sing positive, uplifting songs.  A highlight for our choir is being involved in the end of year musical. 

Instrumental Lessons Years 3-6

We are very fortunate to have skilled and dedicated peripatetic instrumental teachers at our school. Children come out of class for 30 min individual lessons on:

  • Guitar (Years 3-6)
  • Piano (Years 2-6)
  • Drums (Years 3-6)
  • Violin (Years 1-6)
  • Voice (Years 3-6)

Parents pay the instrumental teachers in advance, and must give one term’s notice before the child can be withdrawn.

Following is the 2024 Instrumental Application Form and Contract for parents to sign if they wish for their child to learn an instrument.

2024 Instrumental Application Form and Contract

School Band

The Electric Spirits is our school band, under the guidance of Dom Papa, our guitar teacher. They have performed with great excitement and merit in the CSPAF, the local Wembley Downs District Fair, at the school sundowner and at external venues such as the “Milk Bar”. Our other instrumental teachers assist in the rehearsal of the band. Year 6 children audition to join this band and are then invited based on their merit , practice ethic and behaviour.