A key feature in Holy Spirit’s success of our Alumni is the active involvement our students have in the life of our school. We offer a diverse range of leadership opportunities for students in senior primary to join leadership teams and participate in leadership programs.

In our junior primary, there is a strong focus on the skills, values attitudes needed for effective student leadership within the classroom setting. Our junior years are involved in maintaining our school vegetable garden and being environmentally responsible.

Senior students have opportunities to share the responsibility in representing Holy Spirit at various events, such as Anzac Day service, Life Link Launch and Performing Arts Opening Mass. Students are rotated through school leadership roles and leadership committees to gain experience in public speaking at assemblies, being captains at various school sport and/or interschool events and interacting with the younger years.

Leadership Committees

There are currently five leadership committees:

The Environment Committee are responsible for maintaining the school’s environment, our recycling program and promoting environmental issues and events, such as outdoor classroom day.

The Communication Committee are responsible for leading our school assemblies which allows the students opportunities and exposure for public speaking. They also deliver the message bags to classes in the afternoons and promote any in school events to all classes.

The Pastoral Care/Liturgy Committee are responsible for mentoring our Kindy children on a Friday afternoon, assist at any liturgies or Masses, conducting school tours and sharing our school’s weekly focus goal at assemblies.

The Sports Committee are responsible for running and maintaining the upkeep of the sports shed. Students are rostered on a recess and lunch to hand out equipment. This committee assists at Junior primary sports carnivals.

The Green Team is a committee that supports the Your Move program. Students help promote the Your Move initiatives at our school, such as ‘ride to school day’ in order to help all students to get active and to inspire new healthy habits.