Mrs Christine Collie

Education Assistants

Ms Belinda Tourneur 
Ms Sandra Reynolds
Ms Margaret Wray


The Holy Spirit Kindy Program aims to provide a happy, stimulating and supportive environment where the children feel welcome, secure and valued. Children and their families will experience a growing sense of belonging and community. We feel it is important to nurture all areas of a child’s development (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, creative and cognitive). Our program is guided by the Early Years Framework and National Quality School Standards, which will cater for a wide range of developmental abilities and interests, allowing children to develop to their full potential. The high quality program offered is a balance of explicit teaching, directed activities, play and discovery learning and student centred. Play based learning provides children the opportunity to explore, discover and imagine in purposeful and meaningful experiences whilst interacting with their peers. Educators make use of spontaneous ‘teachable moments’ to scaffold children’s learning. Children are able to attend Kindy in the year they turn four on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Kindergarten is an important year in your child’s development and we look forward to sharing those developments with you. The educational aims of Kindergarten are:

  • To provide a smooth transition from home to school;
  • To develop a positive self-image;
  • To encourage children to become self-reliant and to make their own choices;
  • To foster creativity;
  • To develop an awareness of God; and
  • To develop early literacy and numeracy skill.

The skills children will learn whilst at Kindergarten include but are not limited to:

  • Being away from my parents – which may take some time;
  • Learning to work with other children;
  • Learning to share and cooperate;
  • Learning simple school rules and routines;
  • Learning to accept and choose; and
  • Learning to share my family and experiences with others.

Kindergarten at Holy Spirit runs three full days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9.10am-2.50pm. Our doors open at 8.50am to allow children to unpack their bags and enjoy a puzzle or story with you before the bell rings at 9.10am.