Why Choose Holy Spirit?

Single Stream School

At Holy Spirit we consider ourselves to be incredibly lucky to be one of only a few single stream Catholic schools. Our students are part of a strong-knit community that provides a safe and engaged learning environment which supports all students to develop and grow. Holy Spirit is a place where students know each other by name and are made to feel valued within the school. Our teachers and staff get to know every student not just in the realm of the classroom but through sport, support, excursions, extracurricular programs and mentoring.

Holy Spirit offers:

  • Tailored & nurturing learning environments to meet the needs of individual students
  • Strong monitoring of each child’s general progress in their academic and socio-emotional needs
  • Stronger relationships with their peers and teachers
  • An environment where all students can flourish
  • Student leadership through mentoring, buddy systems and leadership committees
  • Community atmosphere and a sense of personal responsibility for connectedness to the school community


At Holy Spirit, we are proud to offer co-education for our students. Boys and girls gain a fresh perspective from each other intellectually, develop socially and become more confident expressing their views in the presence of the opposite gender. Our students learn important social skills that foster positive self-image and acceptance of the benefits of diversity.

Advantages of co-education include:

  • Enhanced learning experiences through female and male perspectives
  • Builds mutual respect, confidence and a healthier self-esteem
  • Spirit of co-operation and healthy competition
  • Equal opportunities
  • Reflects the diversity of our society

Transition to High School

Holy Spirit is proud of our mutual relationship with many secondary schools across Perth. Holy Spirit students often feed into the following Catholic Secondary schools:

  • John XXIII College
  • Newman College,
  • Trinity College
  • Iona Presentation College.

We have a number of alumni that have also graduated at St Mary’s, Hale, PLC, Scotch, Mercedes, Churchlands and Shenton Park College.

To read more about our Transition Program & the success of our Alumni please click here

Additional Support

Holy Spirit School has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and is committed to helping all students reach their full potential.

Holy Spirit offers a Literacy Support program designed to enhance skills in reading comprehension, writing and spelling. These programs are designed to reinforce concepts taught in class. A range of literacy assessments are carried out throughout the year and selection in any program is driven by teacher observations, parent collaboration and testings. Students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 are supported as the need is identified.

The school offers a Numeracy Support Program for those students who require additional assistance in Mathematics. Strategies are used to further develop students’ understanding of numeracy concepts from imaths and the curriculum to assist students to become more confident and successful in Numeracy.

A variety of resources are used to provide learning opportunities in small group or individual settings. We endeavour to include oral, tactile and game-based activities to enhance the learning experience for the students.


Holy Spirit School meets students’ needs beyond the curriculum and the classroom. We offer diverse and challenging extra-curricular activities from sports (team and individual), performing and visual arts and personal development programs. We ensure that the extra-curricular activities provide safe spaces for all students to participate and share their views and are stimulating and challenging for all.

Extra-curricular activities available are:

To read more about our extracurricular programs on offer please click here.

Leadership Opportunities

A key feature in Holy Spirit’s success of our Alumni is the active involvement our students have in the life of our school. We offer a diverse range of leadership opportunities for students in senior primary to join leadership teams and participate in leadership programs.

In our junior primary, there is a strong focus on the skills, values attitudes needed for effective student leadership within the classroom setting. Our junior years are involved in maintaining our school vegetable garden and being environmentally responsible.

Senior students have opportunities to share the responsibility in representing Holy Spirit at various events, such as Anzac Day service, Life Link Launch and Performing Arts Opening Mass. Students are rotated through school leadership roles and leadership committees to gain experience in public speaking at assemblies, being captains at various school sport and/or interschool events and interacting with the younger years.

Passion for Music

Music education is fundamental to the learning of every individual. Research has shown that music develops students’ imagination, builds self-confidence and strengthens academic & inter-personal skills.

At Holy Spirit, children have the opportunity to enjoy musical experiences through listening, singing, playing instruments, movement and dance and by performing in choirs, bands, liturgical dance and individual instrumental lessons.

We have a dedicated music teacher that runs a weekly music program with each class and specialised music teachers for private individual instrumental or voice lessons.

Click here for more information on our Music Program.

Pastoral Care & Student Well-being

We work hard to provide an encouraging, supportive and caring environment centred on Catholic values that helps students achieve their best, academically, socially and emotionally.

Healthy relationships between teachers, students and parents require honesty, mutual respect and genuine concern for individuals. Pastoral Care is an essential component of all teaching/learning programs. Pastoral Care in all forms is embedded in the teaching and learning at Holy Spirit School. We acknowledge students who demonstrate care and kindness to their peers with our Golden Tickets and students can also receive a leaf on the Kindness Tree. These are nominated by their peers.

To read more about our pastoral care at Holy Spirit, our vision and practices please view the Pastoral Care Policy.

Steam Education

A sense of curiosity, exploration and imagination are all central to your child’s learning at Holy Spirit. From coding applications using robotic devices, engineering & constructing models, science investigations, to planting and harvesting in our sustainable gardens, our teachers involve a range of experiments, technologies and learning resources into a cohesive learning curriculum to keep students engaged, educated and inspired.

Our Creativity Centre is a place where students & the outside community can continue to learn through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) through practical, hands-on experiences that provoke critical thinking, logic, reasoning and troubleshooting skills. Students have the opportunity to take part in a coding club, twice a week at lunchtime, with our Digital Technology teacher.

Activities across the various years include:

  • Beebots
  • Coding
  • Lego Building
  • Makers Space
  • Building models
  • Computational thinking