Get Fundraising

To help with improving the facilities and opportunities available for our students at Holy Spirit the P&F contributes financially as well as spiritually to the school.

The ways that the P&F gets money includes;

  • Parents contribute annually by opting in to contribute a P&F levy when paying their school fees. This is a very important and appreciated injection of funds to the P&F.
  • Ongoing smaller initiatives such as the second hand uniform shop, footy tipping, icy pole Fridays, and Scholastic book sales,
  • One off projects or events such as the Easter Fair, quiz night, Bunnings sausage sizzle, lap-a-thons (colour runs) and raffles.
  • Pursuing grant opportunities,
  • Sponsorship

Whilst it is not generally the role of the P&F to become involved in Capital (buildings, grounds, plant and equipment) or Maintenance expenses (refurbishing classrooms, repainting, repairing building or grounds), the P&F can and often does decide to contribute funds to, or raise money for special projects.

The Holy Spirit P&F has a tradition of supporting playground and external grounds improvements at the school through raising money, initiating and managing projects and hands on parent volunteer work.

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in deciding how and where the monies raised are spent by speaking with a member of the P&F Committee, Parent Class Representatives or via the link on this website. In parallel the P&F works with the Principal and asks for their guidance as to the teachers ‘wish list’ funding priorities.

Below are some details of the ongoing P&F activities that occur each year.

Activity Information
Secondhand Uniform Shop


Good quality second hand items and some new items.  New items include school bags, homework folders, library bags, art smocks, Rain jackets,  Early Learning T-Shirts & Hats, Guild Shirts, Socks and Hats,

Shop is open e on Mondays 8.30-9.00am or via appointment with the office.  The second hand uniform shop accepts CASH ONLY but EFTPOS payments can be made at the office


  • Marcia Pekin (0438 150 970)
Icy Pole Fridays

To provide the students with a little incentive/treat to make it through the week the P&F Committee sell icy-poles during Terms 1 and 4. If you would like your child/children to have an icy pole please give your class teacher $1.00 on Friday morning. For PP, you need to pay and tick off your child's name in the classroom.  Kindy do not participate in Icy Pole Fridays.

Please remember that if your child’s name is not ticked on the list we can not give them an icy pole in case you do not want them to have the treat.


Two or three times per year, parents are offered the opportunity to purchase books via the Scholastic catalogue, with a contribution to the P&F related to book sales.

Footy Tipping

Go to to enter your tips. $50 payment can be made via envelope to office with your name, email address, and ‘tipping name/alias’


Pay by Direct Bank Transfer:

  • BSB No: 036 063
  • Account No: 251 450
  • Account Name:  Holy Spirit School P and F
  • Customer Reference:  TIP “Initial and surname”  e.g. TIP  C JUDD

As it can be tricky managing the recording of payments made by direct transfer we ask you to use the customer reference convention above – i.e. TIP “Initial and Surname” . The word “TIP” will show that the payment is for Footy Tipping and as we have some families with the same surname we will need “Initial” and Surname.