Our Staff

Leadership Team



Ben Will

Assistant Principal/s

(Acting Term 1)

David Colace (RE/IT) , Elisha Martinovich (Admin), Brooke Allen (Staff/Special Needs) 

Curriculum Coordinator

Tiana Sgambelluri

Administration Staff


Front Office Administrator

Mary Pearton


Joanne Tang



Teaching Staff


3 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Connelly (T-Th)

3 Year Old Kindergarten Support

Margaret Wray, Amy Mackenzie

4 Year old Kindergarten Teacher

Jessica Joseph (M-W)

4 Year Old Kindergarten Support

Belinda Tourneur, Margaret Wray, Georgina Webster

Pre-Primary Teacher

Brooke Allen (M-W), Annamarie Willet (Th-F)

Pre- Primary Support

Sharon Lund, Rebecca Bick

Year 1 Teacher

Annetta Priolo

Year 1 Support

Georgina Webster, Kamilah Spiccia, Helen Chatzimichail

Year 2 Teacher

Kris Williams

Year 2 Support

Sandra Reynolds, Nadia Swain

Year 3 Teacher/s

Tiana Sgambelluri (M-W) Nicole Sanders (Th-F)

Year 3 Support

Simone Rowell, Nadia Swain

Year 4 Teacher

Renee Micale

Year 4 Support

Sandra Reynolds, Nadia Swain, Helen Chatzimichail

Year 5 Teacher

Elisha Martinovich

Year 5 Support

Alison Wilmot, Sandra Reynolds, Nadia Swain

Year 6 Teacher

David Colace

Year 6 Support

Alison Wilmot, Sandra Reynolds



Specialist Staff



Lucia Circosta

Physical Education

Jodi Newton 


Amy McKenzie (Term 1), Alison Wilmot

Digital/Design Technologies

Fiona Ayling


Jane Pintaudi

Learning Support

Jane Pintaudi


Liz Leith



Music Tutors



Lara Merchteriakova


Sarah Mills Menogue



Dom Papa

Violin Michelle Fong


Davina Sawyer


Christian Lombardi



Grounds and Maintenance (Contracted)

Peter Thomas

Cleaning (Contracted)

Vision Cleaning Services

Out of Hours School Care

Quest Early Learning operating as Holy Spirit OSHC