About Us

Small school. Big heart.

Holy Spirit School is a small school with a big heart and endless possibilities. It is a school where everyone says hello and gets to know everyone by name. Where each student is valued and recognised for their individual talents & personality and empowered to become engaged, independent and fulfilled.

Bright Futures

Our students leave Holy Spirit as leaders and continue their journey with the skills they have embraced through our leadership programs. Students are actively encouraged to take on leadership roles and responsibilities, be creative, ask questions whilst building resilience and confidence to navigate life’s opportunities and challenges.

Strive with Spirit

Holy Spirit School’s vision has always been a commitment to the pursuit of Christian Truth and Excellence and our motto Strive with Spirit is a reminder to students & families of the part they play in maintaining and being part of a dynamic and supportive education environment. Passion, hard work, kindness and resilience, not just academic achievement, are encouraged and recognised at our school.


A strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy and the implementation of early intervention strategies ensure that all children are catered for. Specialist teachers are involved in the areas of; music, visual arts, Italian, physical education, library and literacy and digital technology. There is a special focus on the arts with school choirs and private instrumental and vocal tuition available.

Creativity Centre

Holy Spirit offers an expansive range of programs, experiences and connections empowered by STEAM education. The Holy Spirit Community has created a special space that fosters creativity and imagination; giving our students the opportunity to innovate, problem solve, make mistakes, build connections and create within a secure environment. Currently, our Creativity Centre is used for art, music, digital technologies, robotics, makerspace and out of school STEAM community programs.

To learn more about the Creativity Centre and our programs click here

Student Well-Being

Our aim is to provide learning opportunities for our students to build skills, confidence and strive for academic excellence aligned with the development of social, emotional and physical well-being. Our school has a focused student well-being and pastoral care framework embedded in the curriculum to support students, teachers and parents to lean on when needed.

Our Teachers & Staff

Our staff and teachers are family. With their diverse experience ranging from early learning to high school years, our students are inspired, nurtured and supported in their years at Holy Spirit. Our leadership group led by our Principal, Mr Ben Will encourages an open door, friendly and warm approach to all students and families which has created a strong community of mutual respect and partnership.

Our Community

The Holy Spirit School community is a vibrant and supportive group of parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and the local community that have been part of Holy Spirit for over 50 years.

Our school values that children are only young for a short time. We encourage where possible parent participation in their early learning years including leading group reading, parent sessions in class and attending excursions so that parents can enjoy the learning journey with their children.

Our school is very fortunate to have an active and enthusiastic Parents & Friends Association (P&F) that is committed to supporting our school and our children. Recent examples of P&F support & activities include; refurbishment of the school sports court, new phonic readers for early literacy programs, library & class flexible learning furniture, Dad & Kids’ Camping, School Disco and celebrating our school tri-annually with a community school fair.