Transition to High School

The move from the Primary school to High school can often seem daunting to many students and parents. With Holy Spirit being a single stream school, it may come to mind that the transition to a larger campus may be more of an ascent than a leap.

Holy Spirit is well known both for being a small school and for the high calibre of our graduates and their readiness to embrace the new challenges of high school.

Not only does Holy Spirit provide an outstanding education but the school focuses on developing and nurturing the social and emotional skills of each child, giving each student a solid platform to fly into high school life and beyond.

The transition to high school from Holy Spirit is facilitated by;
• Stronger relationships with student peers and teachers
• An environment where all students can flourish
• Student leadership through mentoring, buddy systems and leadership committees
• Community atmosphere and a sense of personal responsibility for connectedness to the school community
• Greater opportunity to get involved in events and activities to build confidence

Holy Spirit is so very proud of all our past students, who have gone onto achieve great outcomes at their chosen high schools.

Local high schools that typical receive enrolments from Holy Spirit include Newman College and John XXIII College.

A Preferential relationship exists between Holy Spirit and John XXIII College, one of WA’s leading co-educational schools. Along with impressive facilities and programs, the College truly lives it values.  You will  find a welcoming community at John XXIII College, similar to your experience at Holy Spirit.

A parent of a student who departed the school in 2018 has this to say.

“I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Xavier’s transition to high school so far.

As a parent with my first child going through primary school, I was aware of the pros and cons of a single stream school, mostly pros, but the occasional concern about how the transition from such a small pond to a large one might feel.

We’re really thrilled to say the transition for Xave has been a smooth one – he was so well prepared by all his experiences at Holy Spirit. I’m now a huge advocate for a single stream being a wonderful preparatory experience for the kids. They receive so many chances to opt-in to various experiences, and step-up to represent the school. There is also encouragement for them to work through any peer relationship challenges, with there being little option for separating kids from year to year.

Xave was very lucky to have a series of wonderful teachers guiding him through from kindy to year 6, as well as a nurturing family/parent community which feels very containing for the kids.

He’s made some lovely new friends, had a wonderful semester 1 report and has represented the school in several sporting endeavours too.”

Melissa Ree (Jeffrey)