Get Involved

You can get involved in the P&F by nominating for the P&F Committee or Parent Class Representative, volunteering to help make our events or initiatives successful, attending P&F meetings, or sharing your ideas and thoughts about what the P&F can do to achieve it’s objectives.

Structure of the Holy Spirit P&F

The Holy Spirit P&F is an independent and autonomous organisation. Parents elect their Committee at the School Annual General Meeting (AGM). In 2017, this will be held on 23rd November.

The P&F Committee work in close consultation with the Principal to achieve the objectives of the P&F.

The Committee for 2017

President Daughter in Year Three and PrePrimary
Vice-President Daughter in Year 1 and Kindy. Son will be joining the school in 2018.
Secretary Lyn Tomlinson
Treasurer Jo Tang  Son in Year 3 and 1, Daughter in PK

Class Representatives play a vital role at Holy Spirit by providing a direct link between the P&F and the parents in their respective class group. They fulfill an essential role by helping to foster positive relationships amongst teachers, students and parents, and by enhancing communication and organisational links with the P&F.

Any parent or primary care giver can be a Class Representative and all parents are encouraged to consider volunteering. The P&F Committee is supported by Parent Class Representatives who nominate prior to the AGM.

Being a Class Representative enables parents to meet parents and friends within the school community, and to become more involved in their child’s school environment.

P&F Meetings

Every parent is welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings held by the P&F committee. The P&F Meetings are a friendly, relaxed and casual environment in which parents are kept up to date on School business and activities. Reports are given by the President, Principal, Treasurer and sub committees on various events and initiatives; open discussion allows communication between parents and the P&F.

At least one class representative attends the monthly meetings on behalf of the year group, but any parent is always welcome to attend.

P&F meetings are held monthly on Wednesday night 7pm in the Holy Spirit Staff Room

2017 meeting dates are 15 February, 22 March, 17 May, 21 June, 19 July, 23 August, 13 September, 18 October, 15 November, 23 November (Board AGM).