Individual Support

Holy Spirit recognises that children have individual academic, emotional and social needs and as such we provide support to allow each child to continue on their learning journey at their own pace.

If your child requires additional resource assistance, the Principal will apply for support through the Catholic Education Office which will require the following:

  • Documentation that verifies your child’s disability signed by an accredited practitioner; and
  • Written permission for the release of documentation from other agencies.

Children who are identified as requiring extra assistance either academically, socially or physically will have an Individual Education Plan developed in consultation with yourself, your child’s teacher, any external therapists assisting your child and our specialist education assistants.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

  • An IEP is an action plan/program or a written commitment for action and a statement of responsibility and accountability.
  • An IEP records decisions about the educational focus and planning arrangements for a student.
  • An IEP encourages parents, educators and relevant service providers to collaborate and share their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the student.
  • An IEP provides a succinct profile of the student’s educational needs and abilities and prioritises these needs in a rational, functional manner to ensure that provisions and arrangements are focused on specific individual needs and sound teaching and learning practices.

An IEP describes how far, to what extent, by when, and how a student should progress towards achievement of defined outcomes.