Children at Holy Spirit are involved in a formal Physical Education programme from Kindergarten through to Year Six. Each class has a 50 minute lesson each week. Added to this, classroom teachers also cater for extra sport or fitness time.

There is an interschool competition from Year Three to Year Six involving Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Based on trials or carnival results a team is selected to represent Holy Spirit at an interschool level.

Year Five and Six also have a Term Two Lightning Carnival amongst six other regional Catholic primary schools competing in Netball, Soccer and AFL football.

Each term usually brings a seasonal focus. Term One is Swimming, Term Two is Cross Country , Term Three is Athletics and Term Four games skills .

Fundamental skills form a large component of the program and maximum participation in a range of different activities and sports along with the use of varied equipment is encouraged.  Occasionally we have local sporting organisations visit who offer well structured and delivered clinics.  These include sports such as Modified Golf, Modcrosse, AFL Football, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, Athletics and Dance.

During hot or inclement weather conditions we have the luxury of heading indoors to our Hall whereby activities like stretching, meditation and social dance are explored.

Children are encouraged to earn points for their particular Guild- Sienna, Phelan and Dominic by following the “Strive for Five” guidelines:

·         Following instructions

·         Responsible and safe behaviour

·         Guild management

·         Correct uniform

·         Good sportsmanship

Most importantly we hope they enjoy their physical education experience and learn the importance of developing a healthy, sustainable exercise regime with the acquisition of new skills to enable a high level of involvement in various sporting activities.

Ms Newton