Absence from school

  1. Short term (1-3 days) – a note explaining absence must be handed to the class teacher on return to school or an to the School Office.
  2. Long term (over 3 days) – in the event of an expected long term absence parents are asked to  or call the School Office on 9341 2551 or 9245 4840.

Accident / Medical Report Book

All accidents that require first aid or minor treatment are documented. In situations where medical opinion is sought as a result of the accident an accident report is completed along with the parent/guardian or emergency contact being notified to confirm further action.

In the event of a child becoming upset or agitated through disciplinary action, sickness, accident or rough play, this will be reported  by the teacher to the parent/guardian to allow any follow-up action or discussion.

Administration of Medication

Parents/Guardians of students who require access to medication at school must complete a Holy Spirit School Administering Medication Policy and Form.  As a general rule, please be aware of the following:

  1. Asprin will not be administered to students without a medical practitioner’s written instructions
  2. Analgesics, eg paracetamol, will not be administered to children without the written authorisation from parents/guardians.
  3. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that all medication is:
    • Appropriately packaged
    • Clearly shows the name of the medication
    • The student’s name and year
    • The dosage and  frequency of dosage

After School Care – Mulberry Tree

Currently Holy Spirit has an arrangement with Mulberry Tree Day Care in Wembley Downs who are permitted to come on to the school grounds to collect students authorised to attend the after school day care.  Written permission must be provided to the office before children are able to be collected by Mulberry Tree Day Care.


Whole school assemblies are held in the school hall each Friday morning at 9am.  General school news is communicated to students and parents at these assemblies with the announcement of merit awards and birthday certificates.  Throughout the year different classes will entertain the school with a small performance of their choice.


  • Merit Awards are awarded to students who have shown improvement or have applied themselves heartedly during school.  Two students per year are selected by their class teacher for a merit award ceremony which is held every second Friday during Assembly.
  • Students’ birthdays are also celebrated with a birthday certificate and singing as close to the student’s birthday as possible.


Bullying is any form of aggressive persistent behaviour which is usually hurtful and deliberate.  Bullying is not tolerated at Holy Spirit and will be dealt with quickly and firmly.

Teachers at Holy Spirit can only deal with issues when they are made aware. It is essential that all incidents of perceived bullying are reported to the Principal so that these may be investigated.

Holy Spirit School Anti Bullying & Harassment Policy


One of the highlights of becoming a ‘Senior’ in primary school is the opportunity to attend school camp in Year 6 at a location of educational value and acceptable standards of accommodation. Planning and permission forms will be distributed well in advance of the event with costs within reason for the family budget.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

Holy Spirit School Code of Conduct

Dispute Resolution

  • Any issues of dispute or complaint must be addressed in the first instance at the school level with the class teacher or Principal.
  • Where the parties are having difficulty achieving a resolution at the school level they may request the assistance of the Director of Catholic Education or Congregational Leader.
  • Any party may appeal the Principal’s decision to the Director of Catholic Education who will then in turn review the decision.
  • Any party may appeal the Director of Catholic Education’s decision to the Minister for Education. The Minister for Education will review the process utilised to resolve the dispute or complaint but will not review the merits of the matter.


Children will be transported to and from excursions on the school bus, where possible.  Where the school bus is too small to accommodate the class number a hire bus with driver will be arranged.  This will require a small contribution from parents to cover the cost of the bus.

An annual excursion permission slip provided by the office must be signed by a parent/guardian to allow students to attend all excursions throughout the year. Details of each excursion are sent home prior to the day.

Late to school / Leaving early – Sign-in required

The School bell for the beginning of the first class for the day is rung at 8.50am.  If your child arrives at school after 9am you must go to the school office to complete the sign-in / sign-out register.

Likewise, if your child needs to leave school prior to the final bell at 3.10pm you must go to the school office and complete the sign-in / sign-out register.

Privacy Policy

Holy Spirit Primary School has a responsibility to use and manage personal and sensitive information collected by them in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.  We have the responsibility to inform individuals of the purpose of collecting personal and sensitive information.   Additionally, all information is collected for the primary purpose of the Catholic education of the student.

School Fees Collection Policy

School Fees: Setting and Collection Policy

School Hours

8.30am First bell warning. Classrooms are opened by the class teacher.  Students may be dropped off to school at this time
8.50am Class commences
10.40am Recess
11.00am Return to class
12.45pm Lunch
1.25pm Return to class
3.10pm School bell for the finish of the day
Any students not collected at 3.10 will be taken to the School Office to wait for their collection.


If children are unwell they should not be sent to school. If they become ill or have an accident at school a parent or the emergency number will be contacted to come and collect the child . A room is supplied in the Administration Building for children who cannot go home.