Children at Holy Spirit participate in a primarily liturgy-based music programme once per week.  The main focus of these music classes is to prepare children for the liturgies in which they participate, including the sacramental programmes, although some creative movement and secular music is also covered.

  • Pre-primary have a 40 minute lesson involving creative movement, dance, singing and playing percussion  instruments.
  • The Year 1 and 2 classes come together for a similar 30 minute class.
  • The year 3 and 4 classes,come together for a similar 30 minute class.
  • The year 5 and 6 classes, come together for a similar 30 minute class.

Year 2 and 3
The Year 2 and 3 classes are entered into the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival (CSPAF) in August as the combined Year 2 and 3 Choir. They enjoy preparing and performing 2 songs in the festival.

Holy Spirit Choir
Children from years 4, 5 and 6 are invited to be part of the Holy Spirit Choir, which rehearses before school on Tuesday mornings. There are usually around 45 students who choose to join this non-auditioned choir. This choir is entered into the CSPAF,  where it has performed with distinction, receiving Certificates of Merit and Honourable Mentions every year since at least 2008!  The Choir also visits Nursing homes, and performs in the (almost) legendary Holy Spirit musical at the end of each year.

Holy Spirit Special Choir
Children from year 5 and 6 who are in the school choir are invited to audition for the Holy Spirit Special Choir, which rehearses for 30 mins per week (15 mins of class time before lunch and the first 15 mins of lunchtime). Our Special Choir is truly special, having being awarded the Archbishop Foley Shield for Primary Liturgical Choirs on two occasions in the past few years, and receiving numerous Honourable Mentions and Certificates of Merit over the years at the CSPAF. The Special Choir sing at our Confirmation and First Holy Communion Masses, as well as leading the school singing in other whole school masses.  They form the backbone of the cast for our school musicals.

Liturgical Dance
We have a long and proud tradition of Liturgical Dance in our school, going back to the late 1990’s. We have achieved enormous success at our school in the CSPAF, having the enviable record of achieving an Honourable Mention in every year of performance! We have also won the Shield for Primary School Liturgical Dance three times, and we have performed in the opening mass of the festival three times as well as being invited to perform in the prestigious final concert of the CSPAF twice.  Children from years 3-6 are invited to participate. Rehearsals are Wednesday mornings before school.

Instrumental Lessons Years 3-6
We are very fortunate to have skilled and dedicated peripatetic instrumental teachers at our school. Children in years 3-6 come out of class for 30 min individual lessons on:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Saxophone – Years 5-6 only*
  • Flute – Years 5-6 only*
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Voice.

*NB:  some instruments (saxophone, flute) are restricted to years 5 and 6 because of anatomical concerns for children’s developing skeletal and musculature systems.

Parents pay the instrumental teachers in advance, and must give one term’s notice before the child can be withdrawn.

School Band
The Electric Spirits is our school band, under the guidance of Dom Papa, our guitar teacher.  They have performed with great excitement and merit in the CSPAF and in a “rock concert” at school at the end of the year. Our other instrumental teachers assist in the rehearsal of the band. Children are invited into this band based on their merit , practice ethic and behaviour.